Cost of Insurance is Based on Annual Sales

$300 is the minimum annual cost. If your annual sales are under $25,000, odds are you will pay the $300 minimum.

When calculating your sales:

Only include timing and timing-related sales. (Timing-related = course measurement, race announcing, referral/professional fees)
Do not include revenue from races you own – because these events would be insured under an event liability policy (otherwise, you are double-taxing yourself)
Do not include the cost of chips/bibs. Only include your fee and/or upcharge for programming each chip.

Insurance Through an Admitted and Standard Lines Carrier

Our insurance carrier is presently rated A++ (Superior) by AM Best. They are also owned and backstopped by Tokio Marine – one of the largest insurance companies in the world.

Removes Athletic Exclusion

A customary insurance policy excludes any and all liability tied to athletic events or the preparation or practice for athletic events. As race timers, everything we do is tied to an athletic event. With this program, we can be 100% confident that we are being provided liability insurance.

Professional Liability Included

If we produce inaccurate results, which leads to the race director awarding prize money to the wrong runner… or someone’s scholarship is effected… or we botch the timing so badly that we are unable to produce 100% of the performance marks for the race runners… our policy has an endorsement that provides $1,000,000 in coverage.

Privacy Liability Can Be Included

Consider all of the personal information that is contained on the laptops we use to time races. The names, emails, addresses, date of births, etc. If a laptop were to be stolen or lost, that could be a huge and expensive problem. That’s why we build in $25,000 in privacy and data breach liability. It’s not a ton of coverage. However, it gives us some protection. If you would like higher limits - $500,000 or $1,000,000 – we can provide that economically as well.

Create Your Own Certificates of Insurance

Each of our clients have the ability to produce their own certificates of insurance through our Client Portal! No more waiting around! We set the first certificate up for you. Giving you a template to work from. If you’re not comfortable producing your own certs or receive a difficult request – just forward them to us! We’ll take care of it. Added bonus… once a certificate is in our system, each time the policy renews, our system automatically updates all of your certificates, then emails/faxes them to you, as well as directly to the race director (if you enter the RD’s email or fax). Saves everyone a ton of time!

Additional Coverage Available

Insure Your Equipment: Wherever you travel in the U.S., your equipment would be insured. A car runs over your antennas, cameras are stolen, etc... it can be covered. For $20,000 in coverage, with a $500 deductible, the annual additional premium is $450.

Workers Compensation

Do you have employees? If you do, odds are your state requires you to carry workers compensation – coverage that is designed to trigger should an employee be insured at work. It’s easy coverage to own. We just need to know your annual employee payroll.

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As a former NCAA Division 1 runner, race timing and race directing has allowed me to become a steward of the sport I love. With my time in the competitive sun behind me, providing people with the opportunity to safely come together to run a few miles… gives me enormous joy.

Regardless of how stressful, and simultaneously exhilarating, race morning can be, there is always that one runner or two that make it all worth it.

We’ve also created a smartphone app, RunBuddy ( – a
GPS-based S.O.S. alert system built specifically for walkers, runners, and riders. As you can see, we are truly invested in making our sport safe.

The insurance we are proposing to you, is the insurance we buy for our events. To borrow a line from the old Hair Club for Men commercials, “I’m not only the president, I’m also a client”!

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